Jeri Malone is a Los Angeles based, print-centric clothing and accessories line. Everything is made in limited quantities, with minimal waste and maximum creativity.


The name Jeri Malone was formed from my middle name (Malone), and a shortened reference to the way I misspelled my first name as a kid. Most importantly, I wanted to create a character to live through—maybe someone a little more fantastical than my everyday self.


This brand is the embodiment of a playful relationship between a romanticized past and the experimental. The creations are meant to outfit the independent and sexy, the vivacious tomboy, the effortlessly cool, and the romantic.


What I am offering is not fast-fashion, which is oftentimes not well designed and ends up in landfills, but a vision for democratic, well-designed, fun and inspirational product.


I want to influence and brighten the world I live in, which, in the end, can be just as fantastical as the unattainable one many of us aspire to.


-Jenny Rubin